Project Description


Logistics / express vehicle management system

Aimed at Core issues:      

Steal oil, steal goods,Overspeed and overload, fatigue driving fuel consumption testing, overload detection.

Product selection
1: GT08/TK510+ RFID feature + camera +Mic+ voice horn + alarm buzzer + fuel sensor (optional) + impedance-loaded sensor(optional).
2: TK228 (protocol compatibility, support 95% of modern vehicles )

Solutions and interests:

1:Install a non drilling ultrasonic oil level gauge to detect oil and fuel consumption in real time to prevent oil stealing and improve work efficiency.

Our Ultrasonic fuel level Detector is the most advanced fuel detector, it is high accurate, easy to install, no drilling to protect the fuel tank safety, combined with our platform anddetection equipment, it can high accurately read the amount of fuel remaining in the fuel tank.
So as to monitor the fuel level and make fuel stealing& fuel loss alarm.

2: Overspeed alarm is set, and if the speed is over what you set, it will slow down automatically, you can also set a certain speed in certain section.

If the car speed is over what you set, it will send out warning alert by SMS/platform

If car is over the speed what you set, the siren will sound & the car will slow down gradually. 

3: Calculating the driving time,if the driving time is over what you set, the buzzer will sound to warm.

When the function Fatigue Driving Alarm is activated, if the engine is turned on for a certain time, the siren will sound to warn the driver.

4: IC card can be used for driver identification, and the goods can tracked by RFID tag for tracking management.

It is the optional function, the extra RFID reader module & tag are needed.
It supports 2 types of RFID reader:

(1)2.4G long distance reader/reader

(2) Mifare1 IC card reader (reading distance 3-6cm)

Our active RFID reader module & RFID tag are designed with 2.4G wireless technology. The working distance is from 3-8 meters, our active RFID tag has very low power consumption & its battery can work for more than 1 year.
It is not only used for driver ID identification, but also as a key to arm/disarm the vehicle automatically.

5:The goods can be protected by the disconnecting switch, and the alarm can be triggered immediately if there is a good dis-assembly.(TK510 has this function)

6: It can remotely take the photo inside the car, ensure the safety of personnel and prevent lazy.  And also can be used to protect the goods’ safety.

You can Set the Way of Sending Photo:

engine on;car door open;over-speed ;vibration ;movement alarm;

fatigue driving alarm ;broken line alarm ;original alarm’s triggering ;SOS;

7: Two way talking function, you can call the driver at any time for scheduling;

8: The vehicle can be restricted to operate in a specific route or area, and the alarm can be triggered when crossing or crossing the line.

Once the Geo-fence is activated, if the car oversteps the boundary, it will send out alarm SMS, When the tracker moves in/out, it will send a SMS alarm to the authorized phone number.

It can set up the certain area as the fence, and notify the platform when the car entering and leaving the fence, so as to ensure the punctual delivery of the drivers and improve the service quality.

9:The sharp reduction of oil volume triggers alarm, and prevents drivers from stealing oil


The sharp reduction of oil volume will trigger the alarm, so as to prevent drivers from stealing oil.

10: Trace optimization function


11: Temperature monitor function

can monitor the temperature of the refrigerated goods in real time,so as to prevent decaying.  

12. Load detection, no-load / full load reminding

13. Platform tracking solution


  1.  username:demo password:111111     
  2. APP tracking solution free
  3. Stable B/S structure for large scales of vehicle’s management. Unattended design with inbuilt watch dog application to resolve any potential problems;
  1. Support tracking by website browse or mobile client(by wechat);
  2. Open API is provided for user’s other application;
  3. Supports different languages & different modes of login, customized operated languages accepted;
  4. Strong user management with unlimited levels, it is self-management for less interference;
  5. Flexible vehicle management, detailed vehicle information which can be imported by batch, the vehicle can be assigned to any account of any levels;
  6. Strong data handle ability for heavy download of the reports;
  7. Supports up to 7 types of online maps (such as Google map, Bing map, GIS map, Openstreet map..)
  8. Supports multi-protocols for communication with different tracking devices;
  9. Live track the multi-vehicles in separated windows;
  10. Send many commands to a batch of vehicles at the same time;(Carry out operations such as: change report intervals, stop/restore the car, snap photo, change the setting of over-speed alert)
  11. Four types of Geo-fences: circle, rectangle, polygon & routine lines fences with speed limitation;
  12. Strong replay function just like playing movie with start point, end point, stop points, alarms;
  13. About 50 reports(history report, alarm report, ODOreport, RFID report) for downloads 17. Supports locating by GSM base station & Wifi networks;
  14. Supports the global time zone automatically;
  15. Support OBD-II diagnostic, driving behavior and Read/clear Error code;
  16. Define to send alert by Email & SMS;
  17. With mobile phone client (support android & IOS phone);
  18. It can run as a service which will automatically start with windows, easy maintenance.