Guangzhou Topten Electronics Factory


  • -Real time tracking by SMS, APP, Web; -Smart engine ON/OFF status detection; -Stop the car by SMS or website safely(cut off engine); -Extreme power save design; -USB parameter configuration; -AGPS function with fast GPS positioning; -Support RFID & wireless immobilizer; -Plug & play, anti-tamper design; -Vibration/movement/over-speed/engine on/power failure alarm.
    • Smart engine ON/OFF status detection without ACC connection;
    • Extreme power save design;
    • USB parameter configuration;
    • Detection on vehicle voltage & backup battery's volume;
    • AGPS function with fast GPS positioning;
    • Support RFID & wireless immobilizer;
    • Plug & play design with OBD connector, anti-tamper design;
    • Trace optimization when vehicles turns a corner
  • GPS gps
    -Real time tracking by SMS, APP, Web; -Plug & Play design OBDII tracker; -USB parameter configuration; -Accurate odometer & speed reading directly via CAN-BUS; -Read the error code & clear it via GPRS; -Adjust harsh brake & acceleration threshold; -Over-speed/movement/engine on/power failure/vibration alarm; -Voice monitoring, data logger 5520 offline waypoints; -AGPS function with fast GPS positioning.
  • 4G OBDII GPS tracker; Acceleration & deceleration(crash) alarm; Turn-over/Trailer alarm; OTA function(firmware upgraded on air); USB parameter configuration;