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/gps location
  • -Real time tracking by SMS, APP, Web; -Smart engine ON/OFF status detection; -Stop the car by SMS or website safely(cut off engine); -Fatigue/crash/vibration/movement/over-speed alarm; -Engine on/power failure/Geo-fence alarm; -Lock/unlock the car door remotely(optional); -Support 2.4G RFID tag, wireless immobilizer & Mifare-I IC card; -Support speed limiter, camera, microphone, voice speaker; -Multi-language SMS contents; -Optional fuel sensor & temperature sensor, fuel-loss alarm. -Voltage 10-60VDC, suitable for motorcycle, car and trucks, etc.

  • -Real time tracking by SMS, APP, Web; -Thin enough, like an IC card; -Long standby time with extreme power save design; -Battery low-level alarm; -Vibration/over-speed/SOS alarm; -USB parameter configuration; -Support microphone and speaker; -A-GPS function with fast GPS positioning; -4 types of working modes for different applications;