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14 08, 2019

Portable personal GPS tracker PT99 with SOS panic button two-way talking

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Portable personal GPS tracker PT99 with SOS panic button two-way talking Product and factory showing video: More details and best price required, please feel free to contact Miss Kaley: Whatsapp: +86 17607552579 Skype: gpscaralarm08 Email:

9 08, 2019

TOPTEN GPS manufacturer – product and factory video

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TOPTEN Electronics Technology Limited was established in 2005 which is a joint-stock and high-tech enterprise.We are the original manufacturer & exporter, specializing in GPS tracking device,GPS/GPRS monitoring system, Alarm System And other Security Products. Strict quality control is executed in each link of the whole production process. Every step, from materials to semi-finished items to completed products, is operated according to the requirements of ISO9001, CE, FCC AND ROHS. “Topten GPS Tracker, Top Security For Your Car!” is our principle.                       Mini GPS tracker motorcycle alarms LT02: Product and factory [...]

31 07, 2019

Live GPS Truck Tracking System

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Live GPS Truck Tracking System   If you’re responsible for the trucking fleet of a company, you’ve probably considered a GPS truck tracking system for your fleet vehicles. And if you haven’t considered implementing one, then you might be unaware of the many benefits that having a truck tracking system in place can provide. Whether you’ve been shopping around for a GPS system, or this is the first time you’ve thought about one, you should know that TOPEN Tracking’s system is the best in the industry. The benefits of implementing a GPS tracking system for your fleet are nearly uncountable. [...]

25 07, 2019

See the GPS asset tracking system in action, now!

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If you manage any kind of business with remote assets, be it a vehicle fleet, field equipment, equipment issued to employees, or anything else, the location and security of those assets is definitely an ongoing concern to you. If you haven’t considered GPS asset tracking before, then you should know that with the implementation of GPS tracking devices, managing your remote equipment becomes as easy as keeping track of the equipment and materials that you keep on-site, perhaps even on your desk! And if you currently have an asset tracking program in place, find out why switching to TOPTEN Tracking’s [...]

24 07, 2019

Mini size motorcycle GPS tracker with alarm function-LT02

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Small size lighter-like GPS tracker for motorcycle and small car, cut off engine, support both tracking platform and APP   LT02 features: -Smart engine ON/OFF status detection without ACC connection; -Extreme power save design; -Supported USB parameter configuration; -Detection on vehicle voltage; -Cut off engine, stop the car safely; -Over-speed alarm/movement alarm/engine on alarm; -A-GPS function with fast GPS positio  ning. More details required, please feel free to contact Miss Kaley: Whatsapp: 86 17607552579 Skype: gpscaralarm08 Email:

22 07, 2019

Your team is constantly moving. That’s why live GPS trackers matter.

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Respond to customers faster How quickly you can help a customer could mean growing your business or stagnation. TOPTEN Tracking's live GPS tracking and fleet management platform gives you the tools to shave precious minutes, even hours, off your response time for less than $0.005 a day. In the plumbing business, technology helps take businesses to new heights of success. TOPTEN Tracking's world-class tracking gives you the tools to serve you customers in a manner that keeps them coming back and spreading the word about how great your company is. With the alerts and reporting features, you will know when [...]

28 06, 2019

Courier & Messenger Delivery GPS Tracking

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How live GPS trackers help you better serve your clients and manage mobile employees and assets efficiently Respond with accuracy and precision Profit margins drive business, and in the delivery sector, the shortest route, both distance and time-wise, goes straight to your bottom line. US Fleet Tracking will help you manage the logistics headache with ease and grace. Sometimes, literally traveling a few extra blocks or miles to circumvent a railroad, school zone or road closing can save an hour of delay, thus getting the courier back sooner for the next delivery. Reduce Costs Implementing US Fleet Tracking's LIVE GPS [...]

21 06, 2019

TK218 OBDII GPS Tracker Car Alarm Support Platform & APP for Real-time Tracking

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New developed model OBDII TK218, main functions as below: Plug&Play OBD2tracker, car alarm; USB parameter configuration; Detection on vehicle voltage & backup battery's volume; AGPS function with fast GPS positioning; Accurate odometer & speed reading directly via CAN-BUS; Read the error code & clear it via GPRS or blue-tooth; Remote diagnostics function. Transmission of the CANBUS data via blue-tooth or GPRS network; Data logger to store 5520 offline waypoints. Support platform and APP for real-time tracking, and compatible with many third-party platform: NAVIXY, GPSGATE, GPSWOX, GURTAM, TRACCAR, GPSCHAMP, GPS-SERVER, ORANGE.GPS. Our tracking platform functions showing video: