If you manage any kind of business with remote assets, be it a vehicle fleet, field equipment, equipment issued to employees, or anything else, the location and security of those assets is definitely an ongoing concern to you.

If you haven’t considered GPS asset tracking before, then you should know that with the implementation of GPS tracking devices, managing your remote equipment becomes as easy as keeping track of the equipment and materials that you keep on-site, perhaps even on your desk! And if you currently have an asset tracking program in place, find out why switching to TOPTEN Tracking’s system just makes sense for your business.

Asset Tracking Features

Simply activate the discreet tracking device in the appropriate way, and access our website. Once you’ve entered your username and password and logged onto our website, the functions and capabilities of our system become available to you. This means you can use any web browser on any internet-capable device to interface with and begin using our tracking features.

Our system not only provides you with the current location of your tracked assets, it also transmits a signal every five or ten seconds—based on the plan you chose—and keeps a history of the locations. This allows you to not only instantly find your tagged vehicles or items, it gives you a complete picture of where they have been, how long they have spent at each location, and at what speed they were traveling. Allowing you to make sure your assets are going only where they’re supposed to be, when they’re supposed to be there, and cuts down on the possibility of employees risking your valuable equipment by performing personal jobs or off-the-books secondary jobs.

Additionally, you can mark out a Geo-fence area that alerts you when your tagged equipment enters or exits a designated area, ensuring you’re only paying for time that your equipment spends working at the job-site.


The benefits of TOPTEN Tracking’s system are many—the savings and reduced stress and workload simply can’t be beat. When implementing TOPTEN Tracking’s system, you can expect such benefits as:

Improved security: With the ability to track and follow your tagged items, the risk of item loss due to theft drops to nothing. All of your equipment can be easily located, making recovery after theft as simple as reporting the current location to law enforcement.
Reduced paperwork: TOPTENTracking’s automation eliminates the need for filling out things like driver vehicle logs, mileage reports, and maintenance schedules. Everything can be tracked automatically, eliminating reams of tedious and labor-intensive paperwork.
Decreased labor costs: By paying only for the labor performed by your employees, you will cut costs and make sure your employees’ timesheets are completely accurate.
Reduced maintenance costs: With TOPTEN Tracking’s system, keeping track of maintenance schedules is as easy as checking the logs online or getting alerts within your email or by text. This makes scheduling maintenance easy and reduces the risk of a breakdown due to equipment going too long without maintenance.
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