Project Description


GPS Tracker—– Private Car Solution










1. Arm&DISARM by RFID Tag


  • RFID tag function: Driver ID Identification 

                                                & arm/dsm the vehicle automatically

  •  Remote monitoring & Cut off engine


2. Stop & Restart by Wirelee Immobilizer


      When triggering the alarm, tracker will phone and send SMS to the monitoring number or send the alarm signal to the platform and car will stop safely when speed is lower then 30Km/h.


3. Accurate positioning & History Replay


A-gps has strong ability of receiving gps signal to get gps signal much faster & accurately

4. Trace Optimization

Rountine Optimization when motorcycle turns a corner


5. Anti-Jammer & Anti-Tamper


When the thief wants to interfere or block the signal of tracker if our car has installed the Wireless Immobilizer which has a unique 2.4G signal, it can’t start our car.


6. Optional Models for you:

LT02,MT05,GT08,MT35,TK208+RFID Tag+ Wireless Immobilizer

7. Topten Platform Support



  • Strong user management with unlimited levels, it is self-management for less interference;

  • Flexible vehicle management, detailed vehicle information which can be imported by batch, the vehicle can be assigned to any account of any levels;

  • Strong data handle ability for heavy download of the reports;

  • Support up to 7 types of online maps (such as Google map, Bing map, GIS map, Open street map…)

  • Support multi-protocols for communication with different tracking devices;

  • Live-track the multi-vehicles in separated windows;

  • Support OBD-II diagnostic, driving behaviour and Read/clear Error code;