Project Description


Taxi Fleet Managament


          1. Transmit the Taxi-lable data onto Platform (Customize Function)

          2. Acknowledge the statistics of over-speed, odometer and accumulated driving time of driver

          3. RFID function to know who is driving the car

          4. Push SOS Button for help

          5. Photo snap inside the car, ensure the passengers safety

          6. Talk with the driver freely

           7. Over-speed Alarm

           8. Speed control

           9. Stop the car remotely

          10. 24 hours real-time tracking and all the parking sites would be saved in the platform for 6 months with all kinds of files.

           11. History-replay to know everyday routine

           12. Know exactly how much is the cost of the Fuel Level through the record on platform

Topten Solutions, help to protect your car perfectly!

  • Smart Engine ON/OFF status detection without ACC connection;

  • Support Fuel sensor & temperature sensor, fuel-loss alarm;

  • AGPS function with fast GPS positioning;

  • Extreme power save design;

  • USB Parameter Configuration;

  • Fatigue driving Alarm;

  • Crash Alarm;

  • Lock/Unlock the car door;

  • Speed Limiter;

  • Track by distance;

  • Multi-Language Setting such as English, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish..

  • Data Upload time set as you like;

Topten Platform



  • Strong user management with unlimited levels, it is self-management for less interference;

  • Flexible vehicle management, detailed vehicle information which can be imported by batch, the vehicle can be assigned to any account of any levels;

  • Strong data handle ability for heavy download of the reports;

  • Support up to 7 types of online maps (such as Google map, Bing map, GIS map, Open street map…)

  • Support multi-protocols for communication with different tracking devices;

  • Live-track the multi-vehicles in separated windows;

  • Support OBD-II diagnostic, driving behaviour and Read/clear Error code;