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/, Asset Tracker/Waterproof 12000mAh magnetic GPS tracker PG99 asset/container GPS tracker

Waterproof 12000mAh magnetic GPS tracker PG99 asset/container GPS tracker

-Real-time tracking on platform and APP;
-Arm/disarm by SMS or phone call;
-12000mAh battery inside, battery low-level alarm;
-Vibration/over-speed alarm;
-A-GPS function with fast GPS positioning;
-4 types of working modes for different applications;
-Waterproof design.


Waterproof 12000mAh magnetic GPS tracker PG99

magnetic GPS tracker


1.Track on command or by time interval or by clock;
2.Arm/disarm by SMS/platform or phone call;
3.Check the car’s real physical address (such as city name, street name..);
4.Track by mobile SMS to get the latitude, longitude, speed, direction & odometer etc.
5.Check the location directly by the Google map’s URL;
6.Vibration alarm;
7.Over-speed alert;
8.A-GPS function, strong ability of receiving GPS signal;
9.Check the coordinates via LBS, even there is no any GPS signal.
10.Built-in shock sensor for power saving & triggering alarm;
11.Battery low-level alarm;
12.There are 4 types of working mode for power saving flexibly. In extreme power save mode, the tracker could work for years;
13.Anti-Tamper, stop car auto once Light Sensor trigger
14.Plug &play install Immobilizer to protect car
15.OTA function, upgrade firmware on air

Magnetic GPS video for reference

Arm/Disarm the System by SMS

SMS command: 111111ARM   (or 111111arm)

This SMS instruction is used to arm the system

SMS command: 111111DSM   (or 111111dsm)

This command is used to disarm the system & stop sending alert SMS.

Check the location by Google Maps URL

SMS command: 111111MAP   (or 111111map)

Upon receiving the SMS command, the tracker will automatically send back the SMS including the Google map’s URL, user can use smart phone (GPRS data service is enabled) to open the URL link, the car’s location will be showed on the Google map.

Alarm Types:
Vibration Alarm
In arming status, if the car is vibrated, it will send out alarm SMS. (In PWR:3 mode, please arm it firstly when it wakes up)

Low battery Alarm
If the battery voltage is lower than 3.5V, it will send out low battery alarm.

Over-speed Alarm
If the car runs over the speed limitation continuously for 3 minutes, it will send out alarm (Only available in PWR:0 mode).

Acceleration & Deceleration Crash alarm(New function)
At any time, if the vehicle speeds up suddenly or harsh brake, it will trigger the event alarm

Disassemble Alarm(New function)
When remove the device from vehicle, it will trigger alarm.