How live GPS trackers help you better serve your clients and manage mobile employees and assets efficiently

Respond with accuracy and precision
Profit margins drive business, and in the delivery sector, the shortest route, both distance and time-wise, goes straight to your bottom line. US Fleet Tracking will help you manage the logistics headache with ease and grace. Sometimes, literally traveling a few extra blocks or miles to circumvent a railroad, school zone or road closing can save an hour of delay, thus getting the courier back sooner for the next delivery.

Reduce Costs
Implementing US Fleet Tracking’s LIVE GPS tracking system gives you management tools that will dramatically reduce your costs in fuel, manpower and equipment maintenance. With a glance of the web-based mapping software, you’ll know your fleet is positioned to make decisions that could save thousands of dollars. As well, your fleet remains managed when you’re offline with text alerts for such essentials as route deviation, speeding and aggressive driving. Or, have these reports automatically emailed to yourself when you want them.

Minimize Unauthorized Use
Unfortunately it’s all to common when a crew does an unauthorized side job for cash somewhere near a scheduled appointment. That’s time and money lost from your business. Eliminate this by knowing where your vehicles and equipment are located with a simple glance. Create as many geofence alerts as you wish to know where your trucks should be every moment.

Save on Fuel
With our LIVE GPS tracking system, immediate alerts via text and/or email are a key element in managing your behind-the-wheel crew. Our technology helps you serve your customers better through communicating realistic arrival times, promoting confidence in your company. As importantly, create those efficiencies that will allow you to gain more clients and service them quicker – ultimately growing your business.

Tracking platform:

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